BOB Crystals and Meditation Bowls


Kontakt 2 / Apple EXS24 / Gigastudio 2

A most unusual bank of crystal glass samples; hit or played in a variety of manners and intensities. 11 different crystal glasses were recorded for this collection. Within each waveform are numerous articulations of that particular crystal. Each crystal was struck using a variety of items ranging from fingers to kitchen utensils. There are also sustained voices, created by the classic technique of running a wet finger around the rim of the crystal.

  • Crystal Glasses recorded in 16 bit mono (34 MB).
  • 115 Instruments (.nki), 5 Multis (.nkm)
  • Meditation Bowls recorded in 24 bit stereo (67 MB)
  • 9 Multis (.nkm), 50 Instruments (.nki)
  • Total collection size 101 MB, 81 MB zipped.

*Full version of Kontakt SAMPLER required. Will only run on the Kontakt PLAYER for 30 minutes in demo mode.*

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