Handbells V2 for Kontakt 3+


[Kontakt 3+]

I am a church organist using a midi-capable digital Allen church organ. I use a laptop (via Studio One 2 and Kontakt 5) to add virtual instruments to play along or go solo with the organ during church services. I hook my audio out preamp from the computer directly to the two sets of organ speaker power amps, so the sounds project right along with the organ notes. I have used these Bolder Handbells extensively for both solo handbell music and for playing along with hymns on the organ. Everyone in the church loves them. They are handy for every occasion. One thing to note is that the church is medium sized (seats about 400) and while not as reverberant as a cathedral, has it's own unique reverb qualities. Using more dry settings on all of my virtual instruments end up sounding much more "real" and natural in the room with dryer settings. While the handbells can retain some of the release ringing quality, I still turn the release down quite a bit and the reverb off completely. This church has their own set of handbells but cannot get enough people to be "ringers" so they sit in their storage boxes. But they have been played enough for the congregation to know what real handbells sound like, and they all are amazed at the quality of Bolder's samples. I highly recommend them.
Date Added: 01/08/2015 by Terrence Lafferty
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