[Kontakt 2 / EXS24]

First of all, sorry for my poor Enslish.

Amazing sampled fortepiano, clear sounding bass and nice release samples. Every key is sampled, so every key has it's own features, and there are four velocity layers: impressive realism in dynamics when used properly.

Some keys have large timbre gaps between mezzo-forte samples and piano samples, and this must be carefully considered when recording anything, to avoid weird, turbulent sounding passages.

The pack comes with the .wav files for every sample, so it isn't tricky if you need to convert it to another sound bank format of you choice, like .sfz of .sf2, but there will be some work to properly tune the keys, as the .wav are a bit out of tune. Particularly, I've removed some few discrepant sounding samples to make the registers sound a bit more uniform, and now I have a almost perfect sounding digital fortepiano, that I'm using to record some 'antique-themed videogame music'.

I really recommend if you need some nice instruments to elegantly boost your projects.
Date Added: 01/10/2015 by Andrei Alves Cardoso
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