[Kontakt 2 / EXS24]

I have been looking for a sampled FortePiano for a long time and luckily I found BolderSounds with this
magnificent product!
This FortePiano is just an amazing product, full of character and nuances; it comes with several options like the possibility to use 3 different velocity curve variation options or to use the instrument with or without the release sound (which is the noise you can hear when the key is released) or with or without room reverberation, which gives you great flexibility over this product.

The only compliant is the lack of a moderator stop, which is a feature common on such instruments, device that through the use of a cloth laying on the strings of the instruments, activated by a knee lever, would have "moderated" the sound of the notes and thus give a very dreamy, round and soft sound effect.

To sum up the instrument is great, works perfectly well and is very realistic and need very little set-up to make it work great!

Here I provide you all a sample of one of my compositions where I use this FortePiano, so you can hear it more extensively.

I am very grateful for the work and the efforts behind this instrument you've provided us.
You all did a wonderful job, Thank You!

- Guglielmo Esposito
Date Added: 12/28/2010 by Guglielmo Esposito
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