Wind Chimes


[Kontakt 2 / EXS24]

This was my first purchase from BolderSounds and I remember not knowing what to expect. Let's just say now I feel happy to expect, from any BolderSound product, high quality samples that I can really work with and easily integrate into my music.

With the Wind Chimes there were enough different instruments to be able to create great atmospheres and play the chimes as melodic instruments. The only thing is I'm now finding it hard to resist putting it into every project I do. So to solve that problem I bought the Crystal Glass and Meditation Bowls!

Highly Recommended to any musician wanting to add atmospheres, wind chiming sounds, and melodic instruments with a sparkle.

Thank you BolderSounds.

Best wishes,
Date Added: 07/02/2008 by Nick Truch
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