Grand Music Boxes


[Kontakt 5+]

The best collection of music boxes out there, with this collection you can go from sweet and tender to a very gritty sound, the Regina and Kalliope are amazing, you can hear all the details of the machine on every note of this gorgeous Grand boxes, that is something that set appart this 2 boxes, you can make them sound beautiful or harsh and gritty, love this, also each one have 2 distinct modes that you can combine or use them separately, thats a cool option, the Bird music boxes are 4 boxes that sounds more traditional and small, you can use them independently or combine 2 at the same time which tends to let you achieve some interesting colors, also the DIY box is great, more classic sound and I think it have 2 modes too that can be combined or played separately, all the boxes can be detuned when combined and you can set the velocity curve to taste, mine is around 67, it gaves me a more natural sound to compose more quiet passages even when the deffault 30 something setting gives you the most realistic result given that it is and should sound like a machine playing, you can mess with the envelope, thats cool too for some sound design and it has fx like reverb, delay, a bit of filter, etc, which comes in handy, overall I love this pack, at the end of the day you end with sort of around 10 diferent music box sounds if not more if you count each box mode, the price is absurdly low for what you get, havent seen anything like this anywhere in the market and I have searched. Very cool product, very well thought and very well recorded, love it.
Date Added: 03/29/2021 by Gian Carlo F.
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