Granular Water Bottle

Kontakt 3+ / Apple EXS24

This the Klean Kanteen water bottle I drag around with me throughout my day. It has a very nice resonant ‘bonk’ sound to it. Originally I thought I’d sample it as more of a traditional percussion instrument and fill it with sand, rice and water etc.. But once I started applying granular synthesis to just a few hits that I recorded that was the end of the line for me. A whole weird world opened up


Two sets of articulations have been created - velocity switch hits and pad-like textures which have a grainy-percussive transient attack. The multi velocity samples employ as many as 20 samples per zone giving you a great deal of sonic variety controlled by velocity.  Also, Bo Clausen has contributed some very wild Kontakt scripting to this free library as well. For a brief overview of Bo’s KSP scripting read on. For detailed documentation be sure to read the nice Help Menu page that Bo has set up on Kontak’s front panel.

Sampler formats - Kontakt 2+ and the Apple EXS24 - 11 mb.

Sampler Format

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