Bolder Pianos Motif XS


 Yamaha Motif XS

Bolder Pianos features two stellar pianos – a Steinway D, recorded at FTM Studios in Denver, Colorado, and a Yamaha C7 recorded at Coupe Studios in Boulder, Colorado. Recording and subsequent sample editing was done by Dennis Burns with the help of recording engineer Kip Kuepper.  Conversion of “Bolder Pianos” from Motif ES to Motif XS format, and additional voice programming, was done by veteran programmer Dave Polich of DCP Productions. Dave has been a longtime sound programmer for Yamaha as well as other companies such as Korg and Dave Smith Instruments.

This library includes 16 voices for each of the two pianos, for a total of 32 voices. Voices include studio, bright, dark, chorused, compressed, and effected piano sounds, along with layered sounds such as piano and strings, piano and pad, and pianos plus electric pianos.

The library contains over 123 MB of new samples, therefore, you will need at least 256 MB of RAM (DIMM’s modules) installed in your Motif XS. 512MB is recommended. The Motif XS does not ship with any RAM, you will have to purchase and install it yourself. For more information on what type of DIMMs are needed, and how to install them, please refer to page 295 of your Motif XS owner’s manual.

Please see the bottom of this page to download the Bolder Pianos Motif XS documentation for more details.

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