Bavarian Zither demo

Kontakt 2&3 / Apple EXS24

This is the FREE edition of the 600 MB Bavarian Zither. It is one programming example of the many instruments (programs) included on the full edition version of this library. In this FREE version the bit depth has been reduced to 16 bits, samples have been looped (on the full edition there are no loops), and less multisamples have been used (approximately every minor 3rd). 

This version is 1 instrument titled Zither FREE flesh.nki (or .exs).  This instrument combines samples from the accompaniment strings as well as the fingerboard fretted strings, with flesh of the finger plucked articulation. You will notice at E3 the pitch of the samples drops down an octave, this is where the fingerboard samples start to be utilized. Within this seemingly redundant octave you can create many interesting timbral effects by combining samples from the accompaniment strings and the fingerboard of the same pitch. Listen to the voice narrated demo on the Bolder website to hear this effect.

The file size is 22 MB unzipped.

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