Eclectic Expanded


Kurzweil K2xxx series

This disc is different from the original Eclectic in that it has grown to twice its original size! This "first child" of Bolder Sounds has finally received the V.A.S.T. programming which the Kurzweil series deserves as well as 350 MB of pristine samples. New samples range from Uilleann Pipes and Bagpipes to exotic percussion loops and the evocative Duduk. This disc is everything the title implies and more.
Detailed Description
This disc was originally released as an Akai S1000 disc which contained about 320 MB of samples. A floppy Macros disc was programmed to make a smoother translation from Akai to Kurzweil format, however it still did not employ the advantages of Kurzweils V.A.S.T. architecture. The new Eclectic not only employs the advantages of V.A.S.T., but also includes approximately 397 MB of new pristine sound banks.
I decided to delete any samples I was not happy with from the original version and then fill the new disc to the brim with samples consistent with the original theme of Eclectic. Many of the new samples tend to be a bit more on the exotic side like.......Bagpipes, Ullian Pipes, Turkish Lute, Hurdy Gurdy etc... While others are rather stock in nature such as a Yamaha C7 piano, a beautiful stereo Louden steel string guitar as well as a LoPrinzi classic guitar (both of which are my personal guitars). At the bottom of this page is a link under TRACK INDEX to a complete sound list of Eclectic Expanded which will eventually also have detailed programming notes included. BTW, the Yamaha C7 piano is from the Bolder Pianos recording sessions utilizing a mic position that was not used on this highly acclaimed Bolder disc.

I'd like to thank Dave Walker of Ontario, Canada as well as Jon Stubbs of Boulder, Colorado for their programming contributions to this disc.

Track Index

  • Plucked Instruments-33 programs
  • Wind Instruments-25 programs
  • Bass Instruments-5 programs
  • Mixed Percussion-24 programs
  • Keyboards-7 programs
  • Synthesizers-3 programs
  • Miscellaneous-12 porgrams


620 MB of sample data, 109 sound banks customized for the Kurzweil.

Sampler Format

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