Pure Mandolin for Kontakt


NI Kontakt 4+

PURE MANDOLIN for NI Kontakt version 4 and higher is a comprehensive  sample library which will be suitable for many different musical genres.  The full uncompressed size of this library is 1.5 GB. It has been Kontakt compressed (.ncw) down to 740 MB for convenience of downloading and rapid loading into Kontakt. Watch the below video for a tour of the NI Kontakt instrument - audio demos are in the upper left part of this page.


Features of the NI Kontakt Pure Mandolin Sample Library

  • Multi-sampled down and up pick strokes over 3 velocity zones with extensive KSP control. Strings 1 through 4 were sampled chromatically up to the 12th fret. The first string was sampled up to the 15th fret.
  • 12X round robin cycles of plucked notes.
  • Extensive KSP scripting giving control over fingering options on the fretboard of the mandolin creating a wide variety of tonal colors.
  • Various articulations - half step slides, tremolo (both sampled and KSP scripted), scripted muted strings, 2 articulation settings for attack control to emulate slurs.
  • A mandolin CHOPS Kontakt instrument which creates a signature bluegrass strumming style with selection of major, minor, dominant 7th, fully diminished and half diminished chords - And much more!

*Download purchase only - the download is a 2 part .rar file - once both parts are downloaded, open part 1 only and part 2 will self-extract. We suggest you use the free utility RAR Expander for OSX - http://rar-expander.en.softonic.com/mac or UnRarX - http://www.unrarx.com/. We have found Stuffit Expander to be problematic.

*Full version of Kontakt SAMPLER 4+ required. Will only run on the Kontakt PLAYER for 15 minutes in demo mode.*
Please see the FAQ section of our website for installation instructions into Kontakt.


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