Buffalo Drum Freebie Loops 3 against 2

Kontakt 3+

Kontakt Buff 3-2

This free offering was generously created by Bo Clausen from loops being tweaked in Spec- trasonics RMX Stylus. The original source loops are from the Buffalo Drum Loops and Hits library recently released by Bolder Sounds. This is the second freebie library of the Buffalo Drum, the first one was of a 4/4 time signature..

The Kontakt scripting that Bo has created is not nearly as in depth as the Buffalo Drum commercial release, but still you will get an idea as what is possible. Please take a look at the video demo of the Buffalo Drum Loops and Hits library at the Bolder Sounds website, also be sure to read the pdf manual in the download package - the Kontakt scripting is wonderful!

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