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Welcome to the first dedicated percussion based loop based library for the RMX from Bolder Sounds. Even though the samples were generated with just one Buffalo Drum, the end result can be anything from a simple single drum rhythm to a polyrhythmic tribal drum ensemble. Just check out the various Multis and you will soon understand.This library contains over 150 loops including 4/4 loops recorded at 90 bpm, 6/8 loops at 60 bpm and 6/8 loops converted to a 3 against 2 rhythm with ReCycle! Also included is are Buffalo Drum hits for creating your own grooves and fills to compliment the loops. Very musical RMX programming was created by Bo Clausen.

The drum that was sampled is a 22 inch diameter Remo Buffalo Drum with a wonderful rich and resonant tone quality. The drum was sampled with hands, various size beaters, brushes and wood sticks.

Download the manual at the bottom of this page for detailed information, and also be sure to listen to the audio demos on this page.

420 MB Library for Stylus RMX (157 MB .rar file - download purchase only).

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