Celtic Pipes Yamaha Motif


 Motif XF / XS / ES and Classic

“Celtic Pipes XF and XF” features the sounds of three bagpipes – the Great Highland bagpipe, the Uillean pipe, and the smaller Pub pipe (sometimes called the “shuttle pipe”). A total of 32 voices and 32 performances are included in the library. In addition to the bagpipe voices, “Celtic Pipes XS and XF” includes an assortment of complimentary pipe instrument voices such as fifes, recorders, flutes, and human whistlers, as well as a variety of drum and percussion sounds typically associated with bagpipe regiments. The sound programming was done by longtime Yamaha programmer Dave Polich of DCP productions.

The XF version differs in that the voices and Performances load to User Bank 4 (the XS version loads them to User bank 3), and the XF's manual contains slightly different loading instructions.  Also, both versions don't load "Init" voices or performances anymore...the XS version loads 32 voices and 32 performances, and the rest of the sounds are the XS factory sounds. The XF version loads 32 voices, 32 performances, and the rest of the slots are occupied by the XF factory voices/performances.

This sound library contains over 33 MB of new samples, therefore, you will need at least 256 MB of RAM (DIMM’s modules) installed in your Motif XS. 512MB is recommended. The Motif XS does not ship with any RAM, you will have to purchase and install it yourself. For more information on what type of DIMMs are needed, and how to install them, please refer to page 295 of your Motif XS owner’s manual.

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