Bolder Pianos Motif XF


 Yamaha Motif XF

Optimized specifically for the Motif XF by Dave Polich of DCP Productions, the Bolder Pianos XF library features two stellar sampled pianos recorded in Colorado studios by Bolder Sounds – a brilliant, defined Yamaha C7, and a classic Steinway Model D grand. A total of 16 voices for each piano (32 voices in all) includes a variety of solo piano sounds such as studio, bright, dark, chorused, and compressed, along with useful layered sounds such as piano with strings, piano with pad, and piano plus electric piano. Topping off this sound library is a collection of “effects” voices, such as madhouse, ring modulated, and “kitten on the keys” pianos. All voices implement Motif XS assignable knob and function switches and features such as damper resonance and half-pedaling control.

The download includes a “Universal File” which loads the library to either standard Motif XF user RAM, or to an optional flashboard installed in the XF.

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