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Apple EXS24

The Crystal Glasses volume 2 is a project I began in 2007. I worked on it sporadically over the last 3 years. Bolder Sounds already has a very popular sound set entitled Crystal Glasses and Meditation Bowls. So - why create another? The crystals recorded in that library date back to the mid 1990’s when 16 bit mono samples was the standard format ( the Meditation Bowls were sampled at a later date in stereo ). Also - the idea of recording these crystal glasses as a group of glasses opened up the door to different sound design opportunities. Pictured above is just one group of glasses out of the six sets that were sampled. This new sample library features 24-bit stereo samples, round-robin sampling and numerous articulations.

Soft Hit Crystal Glasses - (2 round-robins per sample zone).
Singing Crystal Pads - wet finger along rim of glass.
Granular Crystal Pads - Ethereal pads created via granular synthesis.
Bowed Crystal Glasses - Both short and long articulations.
NI Kontakt 3+ instruments included

24 bit stereo sample in .wav format
Total size of the Crystal Glass Volume 2 library is 490 mb (270 .rar download)

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