Harmonica Riffs

Kontakt 2&3 / Apple EXS24

This FREE sample set is a continuation or 2nd volume of this harmonica in the key of A. These samples were recorded with the same harmonica, same mic and room setup as the previous Bolder FREE Sounds offering and totals just under 14 mb in size. So you can easily integrate this riff sample set into the previous one.  

These are mono 24 bit samples, originally recorded in stereo. The Harmonica Riffs are mapped chromatically from C2 up to E4. They are NOT assigned to specific keys that reflect their relative pitch, this kind of mapping would have been impractical with so many riffs. From E5 to A6 are some bend notes which are mapped to the correct note name. Using NI Kontakt, your Mod Wheel is routed to speed up the riff using the Time Machine 2 engine. On the EXS version, the Mod Wheel introduces a LoPass filter.

Thanks to Jerry Deall of Louisville CO for his expert harp riffs!

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