DIY Music Box

Kontakt 2 / Apple EXS24

This Bolder FREE Sound features a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) music box mechanism was sampled mounted to a beautiful 4 string alto guitar acting as a resonator. The D.I.Y. mechanism has a 2 octave diatonic range in the key of Ab, all 15 pitches were sampled. 

I also came to the quick realization that when this DIY music box mechanism was layered together with a previous Bolder FREE Sound posting of another music box mechanism (which played "Aura Lee"), the resultant composite sound was quite nice! So I have included the samples for both music box mechanisms in this download. Some remapping of the first music box was necessary.
Using the two mechanisms, layers were created and are controlled via velocity or the modulation wheel. The individual music box mechanisms are also presented as instruments unto themselves. Have fun! 

zipped 9.2 mb / unzipped 18.3 mb

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