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This sound library contains approximately 35 MB of new samples, therefore, you will need at least 256 MB of RAM (DIMM’s modules) installed in your Motif XS. The Motif XS does not ship with any RAM, you will have to purchase and install it yourself. For more information on what type of DIMMs are needed, and how to install them, please refer to page 295 of your Motif XS owner’s manual.

“Crystal Voices” features the sounds of crystal glasses, bells, and bowls being struck in a variety of ways, as well as rubbed with wet fingers to produce sustaining sounds. The 64 voices include struck glasses and bells, sustaining glasses and bells, windchimes, barchimes, glass meditation bowls, music boxes, and glassharp sounds, as well as beautiful glass and bell-textured pads and ambient soundscapes.

The glasses, bowls, and bells were recorded by Dennis Burns of Bolder Sounds. The voice programming was done by Dave Polich of DCP productions, who has done sound programming for Yamaha electronic music products since 1991.

A total of 6 different crystal glasses, 3 different crystal bells, and a set of glass meditation bowls were recorded for this collection. Within each waveform are numerous articulations of that particular crystal or bell. For example, the waveform “Crystal Glass 1” has 5 separate samples (keybanks) in it each ranging about one octave. The sound of keybank 1 (sample 1) is the glass struck with a plastic fork, keybank 2 is the glass hit with a flick of a finger nail, keybank 3 is the glass struck with a screwdriver, keybank 4 is the glass hit with a soft mallet, and keybank 5 is the glass hit with a hard mallet. By playing each voice in different octaves you get the same crystal glass or bell but with a "rotating articulation" and variation. The “sustained” samples were recorded using a wetted finger rubbed across the rim of the crystal glass. A bonus sample of a crystal glass being shattered against a wall is also included, for the last voice in the library.

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