Acoustic Steel Guitar Motif XS and XF


 Yamaha Motif XS and XF

Weighing in at nearly 700MB, “Acoustic Steel Guitar ” features a beautifully sampled Santa Cruz steel string acoustic guitar, played with fingerpicks and recorded in stereo at 24-bit 96khz by Dennis Burns of Bolder Sounds.

“Acoustic Steel Guitar” is the first Motif-format library to include voices consisting of samples of strummed guitar chords, along with “single-note” voices.  Six different chord types, in both downstroke and upstroke versions, were recorded in all 12 keys, and the samples were mapped and made into voices that allow easy creation of realistic acoustic guitar strumming using just a finger in each hand and the sustain pedal. Assignable Function switches allow you to switch to different sets of chord types in the same voice. Furthermore, the single-note voices include standard, bright, and mellow guitars, guitars with various effects such as chorus, flanger, and phaser, “super-stereo” guitars, 12-string guitar, guitars through amps, and a special voice that features open-string fret buzz.  Hooking up a second footswitch to your Motif’s’ “Assignable” Footswitch input enables switching to mono legato mode on all single-note voices. A wide variety of guitar effects sounds, such as fret squeaks, slide notes, fretboard clicks and thumps, choked strings, and harmonics notes are all included, along with EQ and DSP effect controls via the Assignable knobs. You can even use the ribbon to simulate “hammer-on” acoustic guitar technique on many of the voices!

The XF version of this library requires a 1GB flashboard installed in the Motif XF.

Please see the bottom of this page to download the Acoustic Steel Guitar Motif XS and XF documentation for more details.

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