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This sample library was created from a replica of a 4 octave Italian Box Virginal. The Virginal is the predecessor of the Harpsichord with the strings running parallel to the keyboard rather than from front to back like the Harpsichord. England’s Virgin Queen ( Elizabeth I ) was said to be a fine performer on the instrument. Virginals were made all over Europe between the years 1500 and 1800. The earliest and some of the best Box Virginals were made in Italy with a spruce soundboard. A special introductory price of $29.95 is available until the end March 2011. Watch the video demo of the Vriginal Kontakt Library!

Mulitsampling and Round-Robins - Each key of the Virginal was recorded twice and implemented as a round-robin in Kontakt. Even though the 2 samples are almost identical in sound, there is a perception of a lack of repetition.

Octave Mapping - A ‘faux’ octave layer was created to emulate a double Virginal effect.

Lute Stop Emulation - Filtered samples and envelope parameters were used to create the emulation of a Lute Stop which was common on Harpsichords.

Prepared Virginal - No ... We did not attach nuts and bolts to the Virginal strings! Perhaps this not the best name but it is what we have chosen. The Prepared Virginal came out of a failed attempt to create a Lute Stop with a piece of felt cloth. Ultimately in the end we decided a Lute Stop emulation with envelope parameters and filtering to be more effective. Also included are sampled harmonics by reaching inside the virginal and touching the string at a harmonic node point, then engaging the key to pluck the string. These 2 articulations are combined with some very inventive KSP scripting by Bo Clausen for creative sound design purposes.

Microtuning Tables - You can choose from 12 different temperament tunings or create your own and save it into the preset menu.

Help Tools - A built in Help Page is available directly from the Kontakt front panel for quick reference as well as Hove Over Mouse help.

Key Release Sample Control - Key Release sample noises were recorded for realism. You have control to turn the Key Release samples on or off as well as being able to control their volume.

EQ Control - A separate 3 band EQ Page is available from Kontakt’s front panel with Preset Save and Recall functions built in.

Space IR Convolution - You may choose from 5 different IR Spaces with control over IR parameters as well as Preset Save and Recall capability.

Keyswitching - Both the Octave layer as well as the Lute Stop setting can be toggled on and off with Keyswitches.

417 MB Library for Kontakt 3 and 4 (195 MB .rar file - download purchase only).

*Full version of Kontakt SAMPLER 3 or 4 required. Will only run on the Kontakt PLAYER for 30 minutes in demo mode.*

** The demo titled Cappricio Dm is by Bolder Sounds user Larry Alexander. You can visit Larry at

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