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Apple Loops / EXS24

This library contains over 150 loops including 4/4 loops recorded at 90 bpm, 6/8 loops at 60 bpm and 6/8 loops converted to a 3 against 2 rhythm with ReCycle! Also included is a EXS24 Buffalo Drum Hit instrument for creating your own grooves and fills to compliment the loops. The Buffalo Drum Hit instrument features 591 MB of beautifully mutisampled round robin articulations in a mirror style mapping (download the manual at the bottom of this page for illustrated information on this).

The Buffalo Drum Apple Loops can be played back at their original tempo (1x), 2x or 3x their original tempo. Of course you may process each loops on indpendant tracks in Logic using its arsenal of channel strip effects as well as Flex Time quantization features This makes it possible to create anything from very simple grooves to polyrhythmic tribal frenzy from one drum only. Please see the Video Page 1 for a demo on the Buffalo Drum Apple Loops and Hits library. These loops may also be loaded into GarageBand!

Buffalo Drum Apple Loop & Hits Library Features

Buffalo Drum Apple Loops - 511 MB of loops in 4/4, 6/8 and 3 against 2 time signatures.

Buffalo Drum Hits EXS24 instrument - Beautifully recorded 24 bit multisampled hits withn 3 round robins per hit.

Buffalo Drum Articulations - The Buffalo Drum that was sampled is a 22 inch diameter Remo Buffalo Drum with a wonderful rich and resonant tone quality. The drum was played with hands, various size beaters, brushes and wood sticks.

1.1 GB Library  (617 MB 2 part .rar file - download purchase only).

*After downloading the 2 part .rar file, double click on part 1 ONLY. The second part will automatically extract.

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