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       Welcome to Grand Music Boxes for NI Kontakt!

This library features 2 beautiful 5 octave music boxes - a Regina and a Kalliope mechanism made somewhere between 1895 and 1920. These music boxes were the record players of the day for those that could afford them - vinyl records did not come along until 1931! Also included are 2 smaller music box instruments intended to compliment the Regina and Kalliope - a set of Bird Music Boxes and a DIY music box .nki.

Some Features of the Grand Music Box sample library for NI Kontakt

  • The Regina Music Box is offered with 2 articulations-  the first being called mechanism samples and the second method being hand samples.  The mechanism samples have a resonant warm natural quality to them due to the fact that after triggering the note - the disc continued to spin creating a very subtle LFO type effect.  The hand samples are a  bit more static sounding in their sustain waveform (because the disc was stopped in order to minimize the crank noise), yet they are very clear and slightly brighter in tonal quality.  There is no sample library that we are aware of that offers this kind of extensive sampling of a Regina music box, considered by many to be the Stradivarius of music boxes.
  • The Kalliope mechanism was sampled on different resonating surfaces to create unique sonic signatures.  They include - grand piano, closet door, grabage can and a wooden stairway.  This is a very different sound that merely running a sample through a convolution reverb - each sampled note sounds unique.
  • An Effect Panel with 7 FX Slots. In the first four Slots you can load different Effects. Each FX Slot has its own Preset menus, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.
  • And much more!

Regina Music Box and Kalliope mechanism comparison video

Grand Music Boxes walk-thru video

The full uncompressed size of this library is 1.7 GB. It has been Kontakt compressed for convenience of downloading and rapid loading into Kontakt which totals 1 GB.
This library requires NI KONTAKT version 5.5.2 or higher, and has been tested for compatibility in KONTAKT 5 & 6.

This library is NOT compatible with the  free KONTAKT 5 & 6 sample PLAYER, only the full retail KONTAKT SAMPLER. It will only run in demo mode for 15 minutes on the KONTAKT PLAYER.*
Please see the FAQ section of our website for installation instructions into Kontakt.


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