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       Welcome to Grand Music Boxes for NI Kontakt!

This library features 2 beautiful 5 octave music boxes - a Regina and a Kalliope mechanism made somewhere between 1895 and 1920. These music boxes were the record players of the day for those that could afford them - vinyl records did not come along until 1931! Also included are 2 smaller music box instruments intended to compliment the Regina and Kalliope - a set of Bird Music Boxes and a DIY music box .nki.

Some Features of the Grand Music Box sample library for NI Kontakt

  • The Regina Music Box has a choice of single or double articulation mode. The Regina was sampled with hand and mechanism articulations (see the .pdf manual attached below or the walk-thru video for more details on this). Each articulation can be edited independently and layered if desired.
  • The Kalliope mechanism was sampled on different resonating surfaces to create unique sonic signatures.  They include - grand piano, closet door, grabage can and a wooden stairway.  This is a very different sound that merely running a sample through a convolution reverb - each sampled note sounds unique.
  • An Effect Panel with 7 FX Slots. In the first four Slots you can load different Effects. Each FX Slot has its own Preset menus, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.
  • And much more!

Regina Music Box and Kalliope mechanism comparison video

Grand Music Boxes walk-thru video

The full uncompressed size of this library is 1.7 GB. It has been Kontakt compressed for convenience of downloading and rapid loading into Kontakt which totals 1 GB.
This library requires NI KONTAKT version 5.5.2 or higher, and has been tested for compatibility in KONTAKT 5 & 6.

This library is NOT compatible with the  free KONTAKT 5 & 6 sample PLAYER, only the full retail KONTAKT SAMPLER. It will only run in demo mode for 15 minutes on the KONTAKT PLAYER.*
Please see the FAQ section of our website for installation instructions into Kontakt.


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