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Welcome to Dan Bau for NI Kontakt!
This library is unique in that it is the first detailed sample library of this wonderful instrument.  The Dan Bau is a Vietnamese stringed instrument, in the form of a monochord (one-string) zither. Written records date its origin to 1770, many scholars estimate its age to be up to one thousand years older than that.  This is a very expressive instrument for lead melodic lines.

Since the Dan Bau is a single stringed instrument - it is monophonic. However, on the SETTINGS page, you may choose to play it in polyphonic mode to create chords. There are some pads in your Examples folder in your download, as well as a number of multis.

You can download the pdf manual at the bottom of this page.

Features of the Dan Bau Sample Library

  • Scripted 5 x independent random round-robins per key.
  • The string is sampled chromatically from C1 up to C5. C1 to B1 are open strings – C2 to C5 are harmonics – C5 to C6 is the C5 sample stretched.
  • The two sampled sound sources (Magnetic Pickup and Microphone) can be edited completely independent, and the settings can be saved as independent Presets.
  • On the Pitch Bend Page, you can setup 2 different Pitch Bend settings and shift between them with a selected CC controller.
  • A very advanced scripted Vibrato control, this is a rebuild of Big Bobs SIPS v. 110 Vibrato.
  • The Dan Bau can be played either in Monophonic Mode (with Mono-Latch On or Off) or in Polyphonic Mode.
  • A bonus instrument “Dan Bau – Open String” that has all the open string samples mapped out across the keyboard from C1 up to C6.
  • An Effects Panel with 8 FX Slots. In the first four Slots, you can load different Effects. Each FX Slot has its own Preset menus, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.
  • And much more!

The full uncompressed size of this library is 2.10 GB. It has been Kontakt compressed (.ncw) down to 1.52 GB for the convenience of downloading and rapid loading into Kontakt.

*Full retail version of Kontakt SAMPLER 5+ required. Will only run on the free Kontakt PLAYER for 15 minutes in demo mode.*

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