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The Dan Tranh is a 16 stringed zither from Vietnam which is similar to the Chinese guzheng and the Japanese koto. The standard tuning of the Dan Tranh is of the major pentatonic scale. We present both pentatonic and chromatic versions of this instrument. The Dan Tranh was retuned to each half step and sampled  in order to create the chromatic version of this instrument.

Dan Tranh players pluck the strings with the right hand and bend the strings with the left hand to create a wide range of microtonal and tonal ornaments. Also common are glissandos - these are very easily emulated in our Kontakt instrument by mapping the pentatonic scale to the black keys only.  We feel confident you will find this library to be a very expressive and evocative addition to your sample library collection!

Features of the Kontakt Dan Tranh Sample Library

  • Chromatically sampled from C2 to C5, with 3 x Round Robin and 6 velocity layers. Harmonic samples and extra bonus natural vibrato samples.
  • Extensive KSP scripting featuring, amongst others :
  • Two Tremolo Modes - either Auto Tremolo or Manual Tremolo. In Auto Tremolo Mode the selected CC# controls the volume, adds speed as well as a random velocity range.
  • An advanced Articulation page where you can save all the different articulation settings as Presets and then recall them via Key Switches.
  • Automatic Pitch Bend range according to the played note and the pentatonic scale. It's only the last played note that is bent. The Pitch Bend can also have a vibrato fade in, when the Pitch Wheel reaches its target.
  • The Vibrato can either be Auto Vibrato or Manual Vibrato. The vibrato is only added to the last played note, and you can even select between various vibrato waveforms.
  • A Key Switch Page where you can freely assign which key will trigger the various Key Switches.
  • Four freely selectable Skins (wallpapers).
  • 8 different effects - each with its own Preset menu, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.
  • Three different instrument layout styles - Pentatonic - Chromatic and Keyboard.

The full uncompressed size of this library is 1.5 GB. It has been Kontakt compressed (.ncw) down to 700 MB for convenience of downloading and rapid loading into Kontakt.

The Dan Tranh library is available at a introductory price of $42.00 until January 1, 2015.

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