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Looking for a unique bass voice for you music? Look no further - Guitarron from Bolder Sounds is the first sample library dedicated to this wonderful instrument.

The Guitarron is probably the most overlooked bass instrument in the world of sample libraries - It is a 6 stringed fretless instrument which is commonly played in octaves in traditional Mariachi music. The Guitarron has also been employed on recordings by rock-pop artists as Jackson Browne (Linda Paloma), Linda Ronstadt (Canciones de mi Padre) and the Eagles (Hotel California). This is the instrument which inspired Ernie Ball to create the Acoustic Bass guitar in 1972.

I first fell in love with the sound of this instrument after hearing a Guitarron virtuoso play it in a trio with Vihuela (5 stringed guitar) and a small accordion while on vacation in Mexico. Of course there is no requirement to use this instrument in the traditional Mexican tradition – I think you will find it to be a welcome addition to the bass category libraries of Kontakt Virtual Instruments. Please watch and listen the video and audio demos.

Features of the Kontakt Guitarron Sample Library

  • Samples recorded with a microphone and a contact pickup, and each mic. type has 3 x Round Robin and 3 velocity   layers. Harmonic samples are also recorded for both mic. types.
  • Extensive KSP scripting featuring, amongst others :
  • Independent EQ and Volume control of each sample source.
  • An Octave Button with Timing and Randomization control for easy Mariachi style Octave voicing.
  • A sophisticated Auto-Slide page giving the user extensive control of KSP generated slides
  • A Key Switch Page where you can freely assign which key will trigger the various Key Switches.
  • 7 different effects - each with its own Preset menus, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.
  • 20 example Kontakt instruments (.nki) that demonstrate sound sculpting flexibilty
  • And much more!

The full uncompressed size of this library is 478 MB. It has been Kontakt compressed (.ncw) down to 215 MB for convenience of downloading and rapid loading into Kontakt.

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