Bluegrass Banjo EXS24


Apple EXS24

In this new release you will find a 5 string banjo owned and played by our friend and banjo wizard Chris Elliot. This instrument has the classic warm tone associated with pre-war banjos with plenty of punch to cut through a mix. Even though this library is called a Bluegrass sample library, you will find it to be quite flexible across many different musical genres.

Features of the EXS24 Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library

5 round-robins for each of the 5 strings of the banjo. Each string was sampled chromatically up to the 17th fret. The first string was sampled up to the 22nd fret.

Half step and whole step slides for each string recorded at approximately 200 bpm sampled for the 4th through 1st string.

Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs sampled for the 4th through 1st string.

Major, minor and diminished chords in 3 voicings (low, mid and high) short and long articulations with 2 round-robins per chord.

REX format banjo rolls (arpeggios) in 3/4 and 4/4 time using the most common banjo keys.

EXS instruments are presented in a number of banjo Maps for a wide variety of tonal colors to choose from.

Convenient keyswitching of articulations.

A Midi Guitar Banjo EXS instrument for those using midi guitar controllers.

Multi midi channel exs instruments for easy event list editing of articulations.

Strummed major, minor and diminished chords as EXS instruments.

*Apple Logic 9.1 or higher required*

The total EXS library size is approximately 1.5 GB. *
Download purchase only - the download is a 4 part .rar file - once all 4 parts are downloaded, open part 1 only and part 2 will self-extract. We suggest you use the free utility RAR Expander for OSX -

** Download the detailed pdf manual at the bottom of this page for more information.

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