Harmoniums of the Opera EXS24


Apple EXS24

This unique sample library features two rare and contrasting harmoniums - an electric harmonium owned by the Metropolitan Opera and a acoustic foot pumped harmonium owned by the Juilliard School, both located at Lincoln Center in New York City.

MET harmonium

Metropolitan Opera Electric Harmonium

The MET harmonium is a five octave keyboard instrument with seven different stop combinations that have been faithfully recreated to capture the original sound of the instrument. The seven stop options can be triggered by keyswitch. The Met harmonium could be considered a virtual instrument restoration. The instrument at the time of sampling was no longer suitable for live performance, and it has now been brought back to life!

Juilliard harmonium

Juilliard 1840s foot pumped Harmonium

The Juilliard harmonium is considered to be one of the finest sounding harmoniums on the east coast of the United States. It is a five octave keyboard instrument with one stop. We have also created an artificial octave couplet. This instrument has a wonderful bright organic breathing accordion-like quality.

630 MB sample library for the Apple EXS24
Download purchase only. The download is a 2 part .rar file - once both parts are downloaded, open part 1 only and part 2 will self-extract.


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