Soprano and Baritone African Marimbas

Kontakt 2+ / Apple EXS24

This FREE sound offering features a Baritone and Soprano African Marimbas sampled with resonators. The previous Bolder FREE sounds offering featured a Bass and Tenor African Marimba.

You will see 3 instrument files - The Soprano, Baritone and a instrument called Soprano Bari Marimba Mix. This is a keymap with both the Baritone and Soprano Marimbas combined. Since the Baritone and Soprano overlap in range (Baritone- G1 to G3 & Soprano C3 to C5) I chose to delete some of the Soprano Marimbas lower notes.

Also, Bo Clausen has contributed a very nice Kontakt script to the library as well. Be sure to read the nice Help Menu page that Bo has set up on Kontak’s front panel -  Thank You Bo!

The Baritone and Soprano African Marimbas have anywhere from 5 to 10 velocity switch samples
per key.

Sampler formats - Kontakt 2+ and the Apple EXS24 - 32 mb

Sampler Format

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