Granular Christmas Bells

Kontakt 2 / Apple EXS24

This Bolder FREE Sound offering was created using samples from the full version of the Christmas Bells for Kontakt and the EXS24. The full Christmas Bell sound set is 86 mb of 24 bit stereo samples.
I have created some unusual granular pad-like textures from Christmas Bells. Also included in this Bolder FREE Sound set are 4 hit samples (with long decays) of the bells from the downloadable full version of the bells. This way you can audition a few samples of the original bells as well as hearing what my original samples sounded like before granular synthesis processing.
The Granular Bell pads are presented layered against each other, individually mapped across the keyboard in a horizontal fashion and are also layered against the 4 original bell samples. The last programming technique sounds the bell hit and then a atmospheric pad-like sound comes in from behind.

Be sure to check out the demos of the full edition of the Christmas Bells while you are here.

Have fun with the Granular Bells and also have a great and Holiday!


11 mb (unzipped)
7 mb (zipped)

Sampler Format

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