Medieval Psaltery

Kontakt 2 / EXS24

This Bolder FREE Sound offering is in conjunction with the release of the Best Of Bolder Early Music Library, as well as the Fortepiano FULL EDITION for NI Kontakt 2 and the Apple EXS24 software samplers.

This is an old Medieval Psaltery which I purchased used in a local music store and has been residing in my music studio for a number of years now just collecting dust. It’s sound has a wonderful stark-rustic quality.

Typically this instrument would have been played with a very short bow. However I used a modern
violin bow, and kept the strokes short. It is only possible to play one not at a time on this instrument, so you might keep that in mind when using it in a traditional context.
I also recently experimented with this instrument being played with an Ebow (energy bow) with some very interesting results. Perhaps I’ll save that for a later Bolder FREE Sounds posting.

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