Granular Bottles


I sampled 3 different bottles............ a small Perrier bottle, a Hard Core Cider bottle and what I believe is meant to be used a a wine carafe, but I'm not totally sure I'm right about that.

I recorded about 12 different samples from these 3 bottles, creating tonal and pitch changes by filling them with water to varying degrees. I am only offering 3 samples here because I wish to work on these and create a very extensive set. I chose to use samples 1,7 and 9 for this SOW posting. They are quite unique I believe.
Where does the use of Granular Synthesis come in? It is used in the elongation of the original samples utilizing various parameters like time and pitch dispersion.
I also used a bit of noise reduction to cut down on samples that had too much "wind factor" to them

I think you'll find the result to be a wonderful breathy and at times "angelic" quality to the final sampler programs.

Have fun


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