Hey Dennis- I will gladly add my voice to the chorus of praise for the new Bolder Sound Bluegrass Banjo Library. It is by far the best banjo sampling out there. I've waiting for something this authentic, playable and good sounding. Congratulations! - film composer Charles Bernstein -

Jim Aikin
"...If you've never heard granular synthesis, you're in for a treat...these days there's no shortage of sampling CDs with standard-issue hip-hop and techno beats. Some are standouts, and most are useful - but it's always a treat when you find a disc that has something fresh to offer. Granular, from Bolder Sounds, fills the bill nicely."
Keyboard magazine review of Granular

Hi - I just bought crystal glasses, and I'm really impressed! Incredibly versatile, from angelic to satanic - fantastic work, keep it up, I'm sure I'll be back for more...

Michael Ryan - Berlin

Hi Dennis,

I am a Hungarian composer. I am directing and composing the music for a play in the foremost comedy theater of Budapest.
We will play traditional hungarian gipsy music using a keyboard in the performance.
These amazing cimbalom samples are a great help in making the sound authentic.
Very useful. Big thx for this.
It made me happy! :)
Many thx for your services!

Keresztes Zoltan


Thank you so much for the samples. They downloaded without incident.
I needed a sample of Uillean pipes to play with my WX7 for a band I am working with at the moment.
The samples are beautifully recorded and work so well in the EXS24.

Thank you!
John Hart

Just wanted to comment, I had come across your free samples from a post at 'Big Blue Lounge' and was quite taken at the quality and beauty of them, leading to my discovery of your products. It was not possible to resist these amazing sets and will be back for more! (have my eye on the 'Dulcimer Trilogy' next). Thank you for bringing such amazing instruments to life, you obviously have a deep connection to the muse in all it's form ;-)

Look forward to seeing further releases in the 'Kontakt' format and in the vein of such intrinsically musical yet somewhat unusual choices that you have shown to be your 'hallmark'.

Loopy C

No word of a lie, these are the greatest samples ever.... I've been looking for a library/sample company like you for ever.... thank you thank you!!

Best - David

These  sounds are great (Granular) !

I am going to use them in my next movie soundtrack , without any doubt

Enrico Sabena

Like always (yes I'm a Bolder Sounds's fan) your samples sound great.
Thanks a lot, everything's working fine.

Germain Bourque

Jeff Obee
says...  "..I was left breathless after listening to some of the disc's stunning atmospheres....this CD-ROM gives you some truly juicy sounds... for $79.95 you get some extraordinary patches that you won't hear anywhere else...I recommend it if you want to add some unique textures to your music."  

Electronic Musician review excerpt

Martin Walker
The 'Crystal Glasses' typifies the huge amount of work and attention to detail taken with this whole collection.......The Best Of Bolder is obviously a true labor of love by creator Dennis Burns, and I'd recommend it to any musician looking for an inspiring collection of sounds.

Sound On Sound review

Patrick Shove

I want to thank whomever mentioned this collection to me. I received it a few days ago and am having a blast playing through the hundreds of patches (a bit dizzying, akin to my experience with GOS and LOP)..... The Crystal Glasses alone consists of 88 patches in Bank 0 and 14 in Bank 1; these are gorgeous, BTW. The Monochord will blow you away. The slate rocks, meditation bowls, and 13-course lute are also worth the price of admission (this library really is a steal).

No doubt, I've been spoiled with 100-500MB instruments and had forgotten that a 3MB Giga instrument can, in many instances, sound just as good. I guess it's all in the recording and programming.

Anyway, this library is a must have, whether you're just starting off (this library plus the Prosonus Orchestral Collection will go a long away for a relatively small price) or you already have an extensive collection of samples. Great job, Dennis!

Clif Marsiglio -

 says...  "This is the kind of stuff that makes us love the expressiveness of our Kurzweil as it takes full usage of the available programming capabilities....It is almost indescribable. Everything, even the synths, sounds smooth and organic, but this is the nature of Bolder's work".

"Final impressions, this is a great disc and a great addition to my collection. We would be so lucky to have more discs like this on the market. It is obvious that this was a labor of love and many hours went into such eccentricities as the Hurdy or the Bag Pipes or a few dozen other patches when ya' know the programmers here just went nuts on and HAD to have the sound or felt the need to program dozens of patches because they wanted to. If we rated products on the thumbs up system I'd be sitting here like the Fonz".

Jim Aikin

"..the individual samples sparkle: They're meticulously realistic..... Not only does it contain a couple of excellent pianos, it's priced significantly below most of the competition.. with such great samples to work with - and at such a reasonable price..."

Keyboard Magazine review excerpt of Bolder Pianos

Stephano Daino - Creator of DSP-Quattro

My compliments for your great work. Your Bolder Pianos CDROM, vol. III, is an excellent example of a perfect sampling and programming technique. Both Yamaha and Steinway pianos are perfectly represented in their stereo image and dynamics and, most important, I feel a wonderful realism while I'm playing them. Excellent good value for my 88 key weighted master keyboard! I love also the velocity switched version of the Yamaha C7, loops are perfect, splits are not audible on the whole 88 keyboard range. Excellent! And the Steinway D is really reminding to me my courses at Conservatory. Great warm sound!

I particularly like the Rennaissance Lute and Hurdy Gurdy. Thanks for an excellent library - the programming feels very transparent so that it's enjoyable to play as well as having that 'in the room' feel.

Best wishes,
Robert Neufeld

Hello Dennis,

Thanks you so much for your kind and fast answer.

I finished downloading the "CRYSTAL GLASSES AND MEDITATION BOWLS FOR ESX" from your ftp site
using Cyberduck with no problem.

The sound librarys are now installed and I tryed it in Logic Pro 8 : Great ! I love it, the sounds are beautiful !
Congratulation for your sound librarys.

Best regards - Jean Jacques

David Lawrence Cincinnati, Ohio
 says...  To my fellow Giga-enthusiasts:

"Best-of-Bolder": Here is a collection not to miss. For $160 this is unbeatable variety and value. And they are, to my ears, all musically useful and inspiring - which is what we all need.

Here are my initial impressions after playing this disc over the weekend.

Yamaha C-7 piano : excellent. Bright, full, close-mic'd tone, very natural sounding velocity switching, good for blues, gospel and pop. Only 137 MB but holds its own next to my > 1 GB libraries! Nice rumbling bass.

Pads/electronic sounds: superb! These I believe are derived from the "granular" disc but have textures that vary from warm/ethereal to electronic/bizarre but all eminently musical, that is what amazes me. "Moogular" is my favorite - I am definitely using this on my next project.

Interesting gems: slate rocks, water, prepared piano - very creative sound design.

Eclectic instruments: I love the hammered dulcimer, bagpipe ensembles and the mandolin. There are so many great patches with an ethnic/celtic feel - and they are all reasonably sized and well-programmed to exploit various controllers.

The other patches I loved included the upright bass and the steel drums. The steel drums have nice overtones and little tuning aberrations which are often intrinsic characteristics of the instrument and they add realism to my steel drum parts. (I should know, I am from Trinidad!)

I think overall if you are starting out in Giga-world or if you have lots of standard material and want something off the beaten path and useful in a variety of world and ethnic projects - you can't go wrong!!

I just downloaded the samples.  Man I was so impressed with these! I am just finishing up a Japanese CD.  I am going to I am pretty sure use your chimes on the ending song. In any case your Wind Chimes are Fantastic!!!
Amazing Job!

Thanks - Steven Odden

Thanks again for the absolutely excellent service!! Totally first class!

Kennedy Aitchison

It's my birthday today (46) so I'm in a good mood
and your Hammered Dulcimer samples are AMAZING!
I'm a record producer/artist and I recorded an album with pianoforté an Clavicimbel
and Clavichord....

Needles to say how I understand the recording difficulty and admire the quality level you got!
I'm working on a new album and with your permission I'll put a Credit for Bolder Sounds on the CD.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you! Could not wish myself a better present!

Luc Van Acker

Samples downloaded {granular} and they sound awesome! I would love to hear more evolving pads and atmospheres. Excellent work!
David Linn

Downloaded  quickly thru Cyberduck (Crystal Glasses).
Very nice patches. Inspiring. I'm glad I bought it.

Dave G.

Yeah - I got the sounds downloaded.....Thanks for the help.  I haven't used them in a cue yet but very excited....I know they're going to be really useful and I think they were superbly recorded.

Have a great holiday and thanks again for checking on me.