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Lee Blaske

I'm thrilled to have the incredibly talented Lee Blaske in this newsletter Spoltight Section.  A couple years ago, Lee sent me a few links to some compositions that featured the Bolder Sounds Handbell Library.  I thought they were so beautiful, some of those compositions are linked below to SoundCloud and ReverbNation.

Composer/orchestrator/producer/keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Lee Blaske is in continual demand for recording projects and live music performances of all kinds. His orchestrations are found on the albums of many Flyte Tyme artists such as: Janet Jackson, Sounds of Blackness, Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight, Boyz II Men, Johnny Gill, Evelyn “Champagne” King and Color Me Badd as well as those of Beyoncé, The Dream, Toni Braxton, Kelly Rowland, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Nona Gaye, The Boys, The Steeles, and Amy Grant.

Over his career, he has worked on many music packages for major market radio and television stations and scores for video games such as "Snoopy's Grand Adventure" (2015). His long list of commercial credits includes Coca Cola, Target, Mattel, Walmart, Best Buy, United Airlines, Porsche, Tour de France, Rollerblades, Lee Jeans, Kemps, Rite Aid, Ameritech, the Minnesota Twins, Toro, Purina, Bissel, Easy Spirit, Perkins, Friendly’s, the Minnesota Lottery and many, many others. He can often be seen performing with a variety of musical groups in the Twin Cities area.

From Lee:
I own thousands and thousands of dollars worth of libraries, but I must say your Handbell library was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’ve used it on a ton of projects; my own pieces, and also on a bunch of music publisher demos of church pieces that included handbells - (a lot faster for them then hiring and rehearsing an actual bell choir). When I mock up bell choir pieces that are supposed to sound like real people, I’ve developed some techniques to make the timing a little looser.

IMO, this library is just magical.

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Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein

We are very fortunate to feature composer and author Charles Bernstein in the first Bolder Sounds newsletter of 2013! Charles is a composer with great versatility and experience. His list of credits are too numerous to list here. Please visit his website when you have a chance - it is a excellent resource for those interested in composing music for film.

From Charles -

I've been writing film music since my student days. At this point, that includes well over 100 feature-length films and countless documentaries, episodes, shorts, etc. I've also written many dozens of essays and two books on film music "Film Music and Everything Else," and "Movie Music: An Insider's View", mainly to sort out some of the nagging issues facing us in this unusual profession.

I've been a longtime fan of Dennis Burns' fine sample libraries on Bolder Sounds. I particularly like the beautiful Hammered Dulcimer - Cimbalon library of a few years ago and his most recent Bluegrass Banjo library. These are challenging instruments to sample effectively, and it's a real credit to Bolder Sounds that the sonic quality and playing-idiom are so fully and wonderfully realized.


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 Charles Bernstein websiteInternet Movie Data Base   -  Video Interview 

Kurt Bestor

Kurt Bestor

Kurt Bestor is an Emmy-award-winning composer, who for over 30 years has composed an incredible variety of music in a myriad of styles and genres. From over 40 feature-length films, 16 popular CDs, numerous television themes, and mix of live shows, he has established himself as one of America's most prolific and versatile composers.

As a gifted performer, Bestor has performed his popular holiday shows for over 24 years to sold-out audiences throughout the western United States. People from Seattle to Dallas have enjoyed his easy-going manner and rapport with the audience. Bestor has also performed internationally, conducting and performing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, the Estonian National Orchestra, among others.

From my first exposure to the Bolder Sample Libraries, I was immediately impressed. The attention to detail, the incredible "playability" of the samples, and cleanliness of the sounds have led me to use them on most of my projects. During this holiday season, I am currently using the incredible Handbell sample in three different projects. For some of my recent film scores, I have found a unique palette of sounds (Zither, Tibetan singing bowls, and Toy Piano, among others) that have given my scores a one-of-a-kind sound which has helped to distinguish my work.

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Rob Pottorf

Rob pottorf

Pottorf is a composer for film and television music. Recent films include 20th Century Fox's 'Trinity Goodheart' (starring Eric Benet') and presently CBS' Saturday morning cartoon, 'Danger Rangers' (starring Mark Hamill and Jerry Houser). Numerous projects for Disney Orlando, Japan, Paris also fill his schedule. Currently, "Cars 2 Lights! Motor! Action" is playing at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, Rob began playing music at the age of five and writing at the age of nine. After school at the Ohio University and the University of Cincinnati, Rob took a position with Paramount Parks as Music Director and Sr. Music Composer for the 5 theme parks in the U.S. and Canada. In 1999 he left Paramount to peruse film and television and never looked back.

Rob has worked on several projects for CBS, Disney, Paramount, Lions Gate, 20th Century Fox, Turner Network, HGTV, CourtTV, Nickelodeon and others.

I absolutely love the organic and unique nature of Bolder Samples and that they lay in the mix perfectly. And the fact that Dennis samples instruments that no one else seems to think about, keeps me coming back. I know he'll always have something new that no one else has...that's key in making your scores different from everything else out there.

The Hammered Dulcimer V2 was perfect for the film 'The Trial' as it gave a sense of isolation and despair with just single notes. I just purchased the Buffalo Drums in preparation for my next film and they are just incredible..and at a price point that makes them a no brainer!

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Tim Jones

Tim Jones

Tim Jones is a composer for film and television, currently working out of his studio in South Pasadena, CA. Tim is best known as the composer for the NBC series 'Chuck', now in its fourth season, and just completed scoring the second season of Fox's 'Human Target'.  Film projects include 'Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball', 'the Death and Life of Bobby Z', and 'Vampires: The Turning', among others.

Tim's music has amassed a following of fans, nationally and internationally, and his next project will hopefully be the release of a long-awaited 'Chuck' soundtrack.

My studio is such a creative space, and it allows me to focus on recording live music. Bolder Sounds has such pristine instrument recordings, and they really fit well with live tracks.  I particularly love the Dulcimer and Cimbalom libraries.

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Matthew Prins

M Prins

Matthew Prins is one of the two most-published handbell composers under the age of 40, with over 50 works published and accepted for publication with Hope Publishing, Alfred Music Publishing, GIA Publications, Concordia Publishing House, and many other publishers. Matthew is one of the few experts in long-form handbell compositions; his 12-movement work for handbells, handchimes, string orchestra, and piano, "The London Underground," will be published in 2011.Matthew is also the composer/arranger and an instrumentalist for the ensemble Emmanuel Shall Come to Thee, whose Christmas album "Noël" reached no. 1 on CD Baby's holiday album charts and was reviewed as "breathtakingly beautiful" and "understated brilliance." Matthew currently lives in the northern Chicago suburbs with his wife and two children.

There have been three pieces of software that have most influenced how I compose for Handbells. The first was a cheap notation program I got as a present one birthday long ago -- no more writing by longhand! The second was a full version of Finale. And the third was Bolder Sounds Handbells, which is the first time I could actually push play on a piece-in-progress, close my eyes, and actually hear a Handbell Choir playing -- articulations and all! Even with only three octaves of bells, Bolders' Handbell sounds were amazing, and now that they've expanded to six octaves, and added more articulations, I can't imagine any composer using Handbells in a work not buying Bolders' Handbell library. For me, it's simply indispensable.

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John Kusiak

John Kusiak

John Kusiak composes music for film, television, advertising and live performance. He has scored hundreds of projects, including television documentaries (HBO, American Experience, National Geographic), large-screen exhibitions (Yellowstone National Park and the Smithsonian) and feature films (additional music for the 2004 Academy Award winning documentary, “The Fog of War”).

Other projects have included music for the opening film of the Academy Awards program (2007), two seasons of “First Person,” a television series directed by Errol Morris and chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 10 best series of 2000 and commercials for United Airlines, Quaker Oats and Mastercard. John currently lives in Arlington, MA, near Boston, with his wife and two sons.

“I think I found Bolder Sounds in the mid-1990’s while looking for new patches for my Kurzweil. The original Eclectic library was on floppy discs! I still use those sounds (though in their updated versions) and many of them have found their way into my documentary scores and commercials. Later, “Granular” came on CD and was a revelation; there just wasn’t anything like it. There’s something very personal about Bolder Sounds that I find appealing. I sense Dennis’ personality in the sounds and in his choices of what he samples. Because directors often hire me to make something unusual, I’m always looking for new, unique sounds; Dennis’ libraries are one of the places I go first.”


Joe Cronin

My creations are made to work in the visual realm, be it live theatre or video. I enjoy the freedom I have to match sounds to video and create a whole other experience. I got into video creation after years of audio design so I could make a more complete expression. My stuff is somewhat abstract I suppose but not odd for odd’s sake…there is humor too..thank God.

I recently created all the remote control button tones for a set top box coming out in May, 2010. It’s called POPBOX. I learned about “Sonic Branding” for this product and created a Sonic Brand Sound for it. The small group that I worked with for this is based in Lucas Valley California. They are known as 84 Degrees West and have created some stunning websites for the American Film Institute, The Buck Center and others.

The Bolder Libraries are a great source of inspiration for my sonic sculptures and they are key to some of my more cinematic pieces. I am about to embark on a road trip to Tucson Arizona to shoot a documentary on a painter who lives there, his name is Cliff Finity I will shoot a lot of desert scenes and interiors as well. Some of that soundtrack is already started and the BOB Granular Sounds were a big part of the mix.

For some video examples visit here:

Cliff Finity..the painter visit here:

84 Degrees West

Dave Hesketh


Dave Hesketh is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and philosopher. He spent over a decade working in some of the most successful recording studios on the planet before focusing his creative output on his own work. His first album, The Light, was released on the 25th May 09 to critical acclaim. 


He lives with his family in what he describes as 'Utopia on earth' - a small, hidden valley in the West Country of Britain. He likes good food, real cider and hill walking. He dislikes cities, commercialism and crowds.

I've always found the Bolder Sounds Library very inspiring to work with. They have a musical tone that instantly works for me creatively. I return to the Granular library section again and again. The pentatonic section is just full of rich overtones that have become an integral part of the UtopiaXO sound. I also find the acoustic instruments a joy to use. I'm pretty demanding in this area, having a collection of dulcimars, citterns and acoustic guitars at my disposal. But when I wish to construct a new sound that has organic life but which I can manipulate via a DAW they come up trumps. All in all, the best samples I've ever used - very musical and imaginative. I often find with sample libraries I only find a couple of sounds that I get excited about. But with the Bolder library I find the complete library stimulating.  

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Steve Tavaglione

Meet Akai EWI player and sound designer Steve Tavaglione. Steve is kind enough to send me some of his sound creations using Kontakt scripts, NI Reaktor and Bolder libraries from time to time and I am always very impressed with his creativity.

Steve is currently doing work for television on CSI Las Vegas, CSI New York, Supernatural and 4 episodes of Harpers Island. Recent movies include - Wall.e , Sex in the City, Revolutionary Road, Oceans 13, Smokin Aces and Step up to the Streets.

"On many projects I find the Bolder Libraries a great pool of sound to choose from. The Tibetan Singing Bowls and the Wind Chimes all are pristine samples and ready to use melodically or in sound design. My hat is off to Dennis for his spiritual dedication to the world of sampled instruments."

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Dave Polich

I'm very honored to feature in the spotlight this of the best synth programmers on the planet. I was first introduced to him through the world of the Yamaha Motif series keyboards - meet Dave Polich!   

Dave Polich has done sound design for major companies such as Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Native Instruments, Dave Smith Instruments, WayOutWare, and Arturia. A self-confessed "synth-knob twiddler" since 1974, when he got his first synth (a Korg Mini-Korg), Dave has worked with and programmed virtually every hardware and software synth ever made over the last 34 years. Many of his sounds have been heard on countless hit records and on TV and film soundtracks.

In addition to sound design, Dave continues to write, arrange, and produce music in the rock, alternative, pop, and electronica genres, as well as recording and producing tracks for other independent artists in those genres. He also plays keyboards live with three musical projects besides his own, in and around his home base of Los Angeles, California.

"There's a universe of sound inside a single musical note played on any instrument", Dave says. "I've found the beauty of that universe in the many sample libraries from Bolder Sounds. Dennis takes great
care in recording the instruments he samples, with wonderful attention to clarity, transparency, and detail. When I play Bolder Sounds instruments,I feel like I'm right there in front of them and connecting with them."

Recently, Dave has collaborated with Bolder Sounds to provide additional programming and conversion to Motif XS format for the Bolder Sounds Granular Voices library.

Dave's website:, where you can find Dave's sound libraries for
Yamaha products available: 

Nick Truch

Nick Truch is a music composer based in the heart of the Lake District in the UK. His TV and Film music has included works composed for nature programmes such as BBC2's Endangered Species. More recently Nick has been signed up by MG Music, run by the NewAge guru Medwyn Goodall,  to release several new artist names composing meditation and world ethnic music. His Samurai album, written under his Oshari artist, was recently released and has created quite a stir. Two more albums are now planned for release over Xmas 2008, 'True Reiki II' and 'Zen - Searching within silence', focusing on the more meditative genre.
     "In the style of music I compose being able to paint unique soundscapes, with ethnic instruments driving the melody and rhythm, atmosphere is really important. Really it is the key to a great track, allowing the listener to escape and explore the music. Building up my sonic arsenal to a level I can quickly create my own personal sound has been a real challenge, and is going to be a continuous and evolving process. When I discovered Bolder Sounds and the great work Dennis has been doing I took a huge leap in that sonic challenge.  I feel I can now expect, from any  Bolder Sounds product, high quality samples that I can really work with and easily integrate into my music. I always find a good mix of different instruments in a product that I can blend into each other to create new instruments. This allows me to create great atmosphere and also play the instruments as melodic instruments too. Thank you Bolder Sounds!"

Studio: The Lake District, UK

Wolf Wein

Wolf Wein is a composer from Austria who came to the US in 1999. Following a very diversified career as a performer (bass player and guitarist) and songwriter he moved to Florida to obtain a Masters in Music.  Recognized by the US immigration Services as an Artist of Extraordinary Abilities, Wolf put his roots down in Northern California and founded Wolf Track Audio in 2003.

Ever since  then he has been busy composing and doing sound design as well as voice over directing for US and German toys and games. Recent projects include educational games for Leapfrog, such as Wall-E, Ratatouille,  Nascar, Sonic-X and Cars 2. He also turned out arrangements and recordings of backing tracks for Somatone (America's Got Talent and Karaoke Revolution-American Idol).

His Mac based studio is stocked with the Vienna Symphonic Cube, East West libraries, Native Instruments, Broadway Big Band and many other sample libraries and audio tools. In the everlasting search for unique sounds, Wolf was happy to find Bolder Sound Libraries, which stand out in their approach to sampling and sound design and spark the composer's creativity with their organic sound creations.

You can listen to some of Wolf's tracks at
Wolf invites you to drop by and say hello! 


Judd Miller

Many people may not know of Judd Miller by name, but they probably have heard his work. Judd has worked as a freelance musician since 1975 in Los Angeles. He has since played on hundreds of films and television shows in a wide variety of contexts. Judd is one of the leading exponents of the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), invented by Nyle Steiner. His expertise on the instrument and his unique sound design has him as first call for film scores. He can be found around the world working on movies and recordings with top composers and orchestras in London, New York, Berlin, and of course Los Angeles.
Some of the well-known movie soundtracks that feature Judd's playing would be "Karate Kid 2, Far and Away, Ghost, Fatal Attraction, Jacob's Ladder, Gorillas In The Mist, Unforgiven, Mosquito Coast, Soldier, Holes, Flags Of Our Fathers, Spiderman 1 & 2, Hulk, No Way Out, Milagro Beanfield Wars, Waterworld, Last Of The Mohicans, A Few Good Men, Indian In The Cupboard and Planet Of The Apes."

    "I programmed a patch using the Best of Bolder South American Flutes for Michael Brecker when he did a very special benefit concert with Paul Simon, just him and Paul in Los Angeles. Paul did el Condor Pasa - that had the two South American flutes in diatonic thirds. Everybody was blown away that a monophonic instrument sounded like two players. I remember Michael Kamen afterwards asking Mike - how did he do that? I still use it, plus many other instruments that you've created thru the years".
Also Judd is in a new collaborative effort with his good friends and partners in bleeding-edge technology - Steve Tavaglione, Peter Maunu, and John Von Seggern.

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Antonio Sage  



I am forever on a quest for new and Inspiring sound sources. When I came upon the Bolder sounds collection It was clear that I had found something special. A lot of the sounds out there seem static when played. Lifeless if not for the use of the onboard FX processing programmed into the host plug in. 


"I was amazed that the Bolder Sounds Granular Collection offered such rich colors dry right from my EXS24. There was a three dimensionality to the timbres that suggested movement and Harmonics were alive and tingling. Finally, the price point of these sounds is reasonable, it made it possible for a Musician on a tight budget to own several collections of great sounds for the price of Lunch".

Since he was a young boy, Antonio Sage studied the Guitar in his family’s native Dominican Republic.  Switching from Spanish Guitar to Funk Bass Antonio found his niche in a Percussive playing style including Flamenco Rhumba.

Antonio Sage is an Artist, Songwriter and Producer. As a result of his talent and drive Antonio began to learn Audio Recording while working for legendary Recording Studio Westlake Audio in California. Through the years working with Chaka Khan, Dee-Lite, Trini Lopez, Los Nocheros just to name a few.

His most recent projects include an Ambient Score for the Documentary “A tree with no name”. Released in the Band Dispatch’s Live Concert DVD “Dispatch Zimbabwe”. A Remix of The Afro Celtic Sound System’s “My Secret Bliss” led the number one spot at Peter Gabriel’s  Charts for 14 weeks. Antonio’s Music is also featured in the Pump Audio / Getty Images library.

Today, you will find Antonio Sage happy and living in Chicago. Starting a new Production Studio. The new business titled “The Blue Room” is actually Studio A in the legendary “Wall to Wall Recording”. It has been re-modeled to promote a  comfortable working environment not so unlike the Home Project Studio’s most singer Songwriters are already accustomed to. Except the 2 room Studio is Acoustically treated, has Pro Tools HD, Excellent Outboard gear, Guitars, Midi Synths and of course the talents of Antonio Sage.

For more information visit:

Alain Marna


Alain MARNA works as a music composer for films and TV. JavaJam, his music production and publishing company, is located in Paris 13th area. Most activity is dedicated to image such as TV films music, TV commercials and the Disney worldwide distributed DVD series "Magic English". The current project is a 3 hours long TV feature film. The story takes place in the 16th century and the orchestral parts should be recorded soon in Budapest.


These kinds of instruments are quite rare on the market. And more, the samples quality is amazing. Harpsichords, hurdy gurdy and the lutes are great. Let's say my favorite is the Grand Concert Hammered Dulcimer. I love this instrument (and all similar ones like cimbalom and santur). And this one sounds really great..."

Visit Alain MARNA at -

Tom Wasinger

I'm very pleased to be able to feature a friend of mine here in Boulder Colorado. Tom has been very generous to Bolder Sounds in contributing many of his unusual instruments for use in Bolder sample libraries.
Tom Wasinger is a composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based who has received two GRAMMY AWARDS as producer of the "Best Native American Music Album" in 2003 and 2007. Tom also produced two other GRAMMY nominated records, one in 2001, and another in 2005.

Tom's first commercial success as a producer came in 1994 when his collection of international lullabies "The World Sings Goodnight" reached #3 on the Billboard World Music chart. This collection has since been licensed by National Geographic for the release "Lullabies, Dream Songs From Around the World".

Tom has also received four A.F.I.M. Indie awards (American Federation of Independent Music), five NAMA Nammy awards (Native American Music Association) including best producer for 2001 and 2005.

Tom had this to say in regards to Bolder sample libraries -
    "I have prided myself in doing my own sampling for my work and not relying on libraries, to keep things unique. However, BOLDER Sounds has collected such a colorful and riveting pantheon of material, that I confess to having used them on many occasions, even on some of my most successful recordings."


Visit Tom Wasinger at

Timo Elliston

Timo Elliston is a New York City-based composer whose music can be heard in many national advertising campaigns, television shows and films, including the multiple-award-winning short "The Shovel", starring David Strathairn.

    "I really appreciate the uniqueness of Bolder's instruments. For instance, I don't happen to have an assortment of dulcimers or a pile of slate rocks lying around, but apparently Dennis does. And they sound great! Plus, they are programmed in a very musical way. I also love the Crystal Glasses and Meditation Bowls. One or more of these instruments are finding their way into every cue I write."

 Kip Kuepper

Kip Kuepper is the in-house composer at Coupe Studios in Boulder, Colorado. On any given day, he may be writing and producing music for film, TV, radio, and multimedia.

     "Sample Libraries from Bolder Sounds have long been an important part of my sonic palette. The Bolder Pianos has been a staple since its release, and the Best of Bolder collection has saved my ass many times, with its quality and immense variety"

    For more information on Kip's music and Coupe Studios visit

 Duncan Glasson

Duncan Glasson is a composer from West London. He made his mark as a remixer, producer and signed artist before becoming a television and film composer.

From street music to chamber quartets, full orchestral scores to solo instruments - it's all the same to me, it's all about emotional response

I'm a composer who is always looking for that special kind of sound that bridges real and unreal instrumentation without resorting to synthesis. I love to use synthesised sounds in my work, but sometimes when using an orchestral palette they are simply out of place.

The Bolder Granular collection is a real gem as it blurs the boundries between 'real' and 'unreal' instruments in a unique organic way. I use the library in a variety of ways, sometimes I use patches as solo or layered instruments, other times as transitions or effects. It is the one library that I come back to again and again, and is always on my arrange page somewhere.
I use logic Pro and run Granular from the EXS24 sampler. The sound quality is super clean and the patches are ready to play immediately without any 'tweaking.' The source samples can also be 'dropped in' to a third party host like 'Cameleon 5000' or 'Ableton live' and manipulated, re-tuned, layered etc.