Bavarian Zither


Kontakt 2+ / Apple EXS24

My original intention in sampling this instrument was to capture its beautiful harp-like quality and create all sorts of unusual layers and keyboard mappings.  However, I realized afterwards it would be expected to have some programming that reflects the way a Zither is traditionally played, so I have attempted to offer both. The Zither can be divided into 2 sections - the 33 accompaniment strings and the fingerboard.

In November of 2009 a very nice KSP script was added to the Kontakt version of the Zither. If you purchased the Zither before 11/23/09 you can download the new .nki instrument a .zip file called Bav_Zithr_KTK_scipt at the bottom of this page.

Zither Front Panel Kontakt

There are 4 folders in this library labeled as follows -
Zither V2 Kontakt - This folder has the the most recent Kontakt script (pictured above) and is titled version 2.

Zither Traditional - This folder has instruments with the accompaniment strings on the lower part of the keyboard map and the fingerboard samples in the upper keyboard map. There is a gap in the keyboard mapping to distinguish the accompaniment strings and the fingerboard strings. The release times on the AMP envelopes tend to be quite a bit shorter than the release times on instruments in the 'Harplike folder'.

Zither Harplike - This folder has a more creative approach to sound design. Here you will find various layers and splits of the articulations that were sampled. The modulation wheel is frequently used as a mixing control between layers. Most of the instruments presented here would be impossible to create on a Zither in real time.

Zither Components - this folder contains all the separate sampled parts of the Zither. I have assembled this folder to enable the user to easily piece together whichever sampled parts of the Zither they choose to use. These components are handy to have when using multiple instances of a software sampler in your DAW. All sorts of interesting layers can be quickly constructed in this way.

Bavarian Zither Specifications
608 MB library, 24 bit stereo samples (no loops) for Kontakt 2 & 3 as well as the Apple EXS24 in 1 zip file.

Fingerboard articulations sampled -
flesh plucked
metal finger pick
open strings

Accompaniment String articulations sampled -
flesh pluck at strings center
flesh pluck at strings bridge
metal finger pick

*Full version of Kontakt SAMPLER required. Will only run on the Kontakt PLAYER for 30 minutes in demo mode.*

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